The Convertors Avarians were some of the coolest and original pieces produced. Alot of these seem to be original designs, and they kick butt. From Parrots, to Peacocks to Bats! Heck, Robats transformation is almost like Mindewipe's from Transformers.... But Robat looks better!

Friendly - and colorful, until called into action. His beak can crack the stiffest defences.
His beautiful feathers and strut when he walks belies his fierocity. He lures his enemies to him with his beauty. Then he strikes fast.
Has great night vision that makes him a very effective night fighter. He can also attack with equal ability during the day, which is why he is so feared by the insectors.
The greatest hunter of all the Avarians. He has great eye sight and can spot a Insector thousands of feet away. Once spotted, it is almost impossible to evade him.
The great inner earth fighter. Not a true Avarian, blinded by the suns rays, he had to land on Avarious. He was soon adopted by the Avarians. He sleeps at day to avoid the sun, and hunts at night. Robat can see in total darkness.

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