The Convertors Insectors were some of the coolest and original pieces produced. A few were based on original pieces produced for the Takatoku Beetra line. The others I'm unsure if they have any heritage in Japan.

Not as deadly as Scorpio or Tenticus, but just as effective. A bite from him will leave his victim in extreme pain.
Is a very unusual Insector. His unusually long antenea make him capable of detecting Avarians and Defenders at great distances. His main function is to warn other Insectors of impending danger. His bite can cause great pain.
Destroyer of crops. His main objective is to destroy the earths food supply. When Morphus attacks a farm, there is very little left when he is through.
The deadlist of all the Insectors. When bitten by Scorpio his victims are either paralized or dead. He sneaks up when you last expect him.
Poisonous and deadly. If caught in is web it is almost impossible to escape. When he bites his victims most of them die.

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