The Mini Bot series was a nifty turning point. They finally focused on small cars with Gobot like transformations. These cars were originally produced in Japan, and in their original line they had dozens of them. I'm unusre how many Select chose to produce, and which color combonations.
"Created as local defense systems to aid the Defenders locating Invaders that may have gone undetected."

He has great vision and patrols a wide area in his search for invaders.
Patrols highways at night, looking for invaders. His colors hide him, thus enabling him to attack before he is spotted.
In and out of cities on the look out for Invaders.
Newest and fastest of all the Minibots. He can cover a lot of territory fast in the search for invaders.
New, strong and fast. Voyager goes almost anywhere in his search for invaders.
Patrol country sides on the look out for Invaders.

Baron & City MOC: Collection of: Colbey Hopper

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