The Convertors Spies were a interesting series of Robots. They were made of plastic and metal, and had working parts! The slot machine crank works, the pinball works etc. I'm not sure which company in Japan originally designed them, but Cash has got have the best motto.

When you think Bandit is on your side, he will turn on you.
Cash is only loyal to those who keep feeding him.
Converts to simple looks like cassette player. Hears and records everything. Specially when victim is not aware. Can cause great harm. Sells his services to both sides.
Very dangerous. Can turn on anyone. Has no friends. Sells his services to both sides.
Very deceptive, looks inocent. Can be very deadly. Sells his services to both sides.
Looks friendly and harmless. Can be very dangerous to those who think they can control him.
Never trust him, as he may work for both sides at the same time.

Thanks to...
Focus MOSC: Collection Of: Jason Frye
Colt MOSC: Collection Of: Liquid Velcro

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