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    Fortress X is one of the largest Diaclone toys made, and most expensive, he transforms from robot to strange fortress and possibly space ship. He stands, looks and transforms a lot like Scorponok. About ths same size as Scorp, Fortress un attatches his legs and reattatches them to his sides, and folds his arms up, then his chest opens to expose the command center, it has metal on the floor for the magnets on the drivers to stick to. there are also several other places on X for them as well. with in the command center there are 3 "Stasis Pods" which can be moved about. Each pod can hold one driver, they are not officially called statis pods, but kinda remind me of them. From the control room a pod can be dropped through slots to come out in the feet, arms, and chest. Inside the feet are 2 twin tanks, which can be launced out by leavers in the back, and the hands have 2 different gunner pods, which can be launced off the writst like over sized missiles, may be seen as scout ships. There is also an escape hatch in the chest, which the pod can pop out if dropped in the right hole, and other places and things I have not figured out yet. His head is cool, the rather awkward looking shudders on the sides of his head, can fold over his face to make a nice looking face plate. The fortress mode can be turned around to a more scorponok like mode and seems to work good as a star ship like Fort Max, rather than a really funky looking building, it just makes more sence. His transform is the major draw back of most of the Diaclones like him. Being spoiled with the G1 car type of robots, and spoiled further still with the poseability of the BW's, it is hard to deal with this big, solid standing block of cool looking plastic and say Yea he's worth $650+.

    The most interesting part of this Diaclone is the drivers he comes with. These are the type one figures, which are the multi colored drivers with earphones. In these drivers case they are solid colored instead of the limbs differing from the body. I had to MAKE several out of other drivers I had to complete the set of 5 since out of the 4 I got with this set only 2 were the solid colors. Actually I made a 6th all white one, but the colors that are on the box show 5 drivers in all black, red, yellow, green and blue. It kinda gives the thing a Power Rangers feel.

    The toy comes with a catalog, I can not be sure I got the correct one, I assumed it would have been one based with the large fortress type Diaclones, but I recieved a G1 car type one. It also comes with a nice little booklet that explains Fortress in color pictures and all in Japanese text...which does me no good.

Collection of: George Hubert
Paragraph: George Hubert
Photos: George Hubert

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