Grandstand Convertors were only produced in the UK in 1981. The Grandstand Convertors that are Diaclone based, are fully licensed by Takara and were put out by Hales Ltd. The toys are exactly the same with Takara markings. Other Japanese transforming toys were produced in this line. Strangely though they are packaged with the rubber tipped protected missiles which originated from Italy. Though there are slots for the the Diaclone drivers, the box was empty but showing slots for them.

    This is Siclonoid, are as we know him, Warudoros. The toy can transform into three insect like vehicles. They are reffered as Tarantula, Spider, & Mosquito. They all combine to form I mean Siclonoid!

    "Siclonoid is one of the few Convertors whose everyday form is hideous and frightening. Because of this he has to be an expert in concealment to avoid being spotted by earthlings. He's so evil, Siclonoid must be approached with complete caution. He is one of the deadlist robot Convertors, capable of converting into a robotic tarantula, mosquito, or spider at a moment's notice."

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photo: Alex Bickmore

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