The Tyrannosaurus-Rex is one of the most expensive Dino Rider toy made. The box for this monster was 22" long and 14' Tall! (not to mention 10' in width) The toy itself was huge..and even walked! The figures that were included with this set are Krulos (Commander of the Rulons), Bitor and Cobras (2nd in command and General) who appeared in every episode. The Tyrannosaurus-Rex had so much armor and could hold five figures! There were also lots of moving parts and stations. There is the Command post, where Krulos always took watch over things. A Control station with claws where dinosaurs could be captured to be later brain boxed. In addition there are Two Gunner stations on each side with huge cannons which rotate as well a heavily armored too! The last station is at the Tail End (Armor lifted). It is heavily armed with laser cannons and has armor plating! This Dinosaur was in every episode and was the most powerful Rulon dinosaur! There is a Smithsonian version which does not walk.

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