This is the Dungeons & Dragons Annual from 1986! hardback book has a compilement of stories about the cartoon series. The book is 62 pages long with some nice artwork. Each story relates well with the series, and probably could have been their own episodes! two of the stories are also choose your own adventure, and dice is needed in order to play. With usage of a pair of dice, you can navigate through a story with many possibilities. To top it off, the inside back covers open up to form a board game! This book is full of surprises! For people who loved the series, or have seen every episode, this book is great! The stories are,

  • The Princess, the Pit and the Pendulum
  • Quest for the Stolen Sapphire (Choose your own Adevnture)
  • Gruesome Goblins
  • Circus of Mosnters
  • Mine of Terror (Choose your own Adevnture)
  • A Cold Spell
  • The Forbidden Valley
  • Escape from Venger

    Collection of: Alex Bickmore
    Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
    Photos: Alex Bickmore

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