This is the Dungeons & Dragons Annual from 1987! It is a hardback book which has a compilement of stories about the cartoon series. The book is 61 pages long, is a bit taller than the 86', and with artwork that was not as good as quality as the 86' one. Each story relates well with the series, and probably could have been their own episodes! This book contains puzzles, Who's who, match the picture differences and a maze. For people who loved the series, or have seen every episode, this book is great! The stories are,

  • The Eye of the Watchman
  • Word Search
  • Season of Goodwill
  • The Eye of the Watchman (cont)
  • Dice Game
  • Everything in the lovely?
  • Maze Race
  • Power is the Key
  • Who's Who?/Puzzle Answers

    Collection of: Alex Bickmore
    Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
    Photos: Alex Bickmore

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