This is a AD&D knock-off of Elkhorn from Mexico. Elkhorn is actually poseable, yet has a ring on his head so he can be worn? Elkhorn is fashion!? Or is he "oh so five minutes ago"? Unsure when his was produced... suspecting the 80's.

    These are AD&D knock-offs of PVC figures from Mexico. They are the exact size as their licensed counterparts, but the materials they are made of are horrible. Unsure when these were produced... suspecting the 80's.

    Imperial Toys created a Dungeons & Daggers line! There were a few monster created, a few I suspect I do not have pictured. They produced a Pegasus and a Unicorn. Imperial Toys also produced a 2-Head Dragon, but I'am not sure if this was produced for the line. It possibly was and then reissued a few times over.
    There are a few recorded color variations. The Pegasus has been found in brown and light tan. The 2-Head Dragon has been found in green, purple and white.

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