AD&D Miniture Figures

   LJN had done a incredible job with the regular size action figures for Dungeons and Dragons line, and decided to also create a smaller miniature line as well. Only 7 different figures were produced, each at a average size of 2" 1/2 inches tall. They could be purchased individualy on card or in a boxed gift set.

    In this series, Skyla was produced. This is the only way to get a figure of her since the full size figure was never produced. Of the whole series Mercion and Skyla could be said to be the toughest, while Skyla is the most in demand.




Mercion (Carded)




   The Gift Set of the minitures had only 5 figures, Skyla and Mercion were left out. The gift set is a bit tough to find, and displays well. The figures are sealed in a bubble, which is slid into the box.

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