TSR produced a large number of PVC and Bendy toys. These ranged from humans, elves, orcs and monsters. They are well detailed and some are well painted. TSR sculpted them in the early 80's though, and many of the creatures have been updated over the years and look different than these early toys. Nonetheless, these are awesome toys and the Bendy figures are by far the best of this series had to offer.
   Each bendy came individually carded, while the PVC came individually or with other figures. The larger figures came with a extra accessory of gold or a small goblin. The packages ranged in colors and featured small character art on the corner of the card. To this day many bubbles are yellowed or cracked, and most of these toys are quite cheap and easy to find.
   The small summary of each character is provided by the 1979 4th Edition AD&D Monster Manual by TSR Games. Anyone have info of the Bullwogs who appeared in the animated series and the deadly grell? Sith? Sarke?

AD&D Bendy Toys

Carrion Crawler
Carrion Crawlers strongly resemble a cross between a giant green cutworm and a huge cephaopod. They are usually found only in subterranean areas.

The Chimera has the hind quarters are those of a huge goat, its foreparts are of those of a lion, its body sports dragn wings, and it has three large heads.

Deadly Grell
The poisonous tentacles of the grell paralyze it's unfortunate victims. The grell can levitate and fly through the air by flapping its ten tentacles. They are usually found in dungeons or gloomy ruins.

Hydrae are reptilian monsters found in marshes, samps, and similar places, as well as in subterranean lairs. Their large, four legged bodies are surmounted by from 5 to 12 heads.

Neo-Otyguh are a larger, more intelligent species of Otyguh. Otyguh are ominus scavengers. Will eat meat, but feed upon dung, ofal, and carrion. They hate direct sunlight, and are found underground.

Raging Roper
Ropers inhabit subterranean caverns. They prey upon all forms of creatures, but humans are thier favorite form of food. These monsters can stand upright or flatten to resemble objects.


Bugbear & Goblin
Bugbears live in loose bands. and are typically found in the same areas as goblins. These hairy giant goblins operate equally well in bright daylight or great darkness.

Bullywugs of the Bog

Dwarves of the Mountain King

Elves of the Woodland

Fire Elemental & Crystal Ball
Fire Elementals are terrible to behold and fierce opponents. On the elemental plane of fire exist many sorts of different Fire Elementals and similar beings.

Heroic Men-At-Arms

Minotaur & Crown Treasures
Minotaurs are typically only found in labyrinthine places in the wilderness or underground. They are cruel, man-eaters, and although not particularly intelligent, they are cunning and have excellent senses.

Odious Ogre & Book of Magic
Ogres can be found in virtually any terrain. They are ugly-tempered and voracious. Ogres are also fond of treasure, and they will sometimes be found serving as mercinaries for a profitable raid.

Orcs of the Skeleton Bone
Orc tribes are fiercly competitive, and when they meet it is 75% likely that they will fight each other unless a strong leader (such as a wizard etc.) with sufficent force to control them. Orcs bully all weaker species.

Sarke Mercenaries

   Shambling Mound & Treasure Sack
Shambling Mounds are found in dismal marshes or certain wet subterranean places. They are ominvorous, feeding upon any living material. They are very hard to damage and lightning causes them to grow.

Sinster Spectre & Lich
Spectres are powerful undead humans who haunt the most desolate of places. A Lich uses powerful arcane magic and passes from a state of humanity to a non-human, non-living existance by will.

Skeletons Of Sith
Skeletons are magically animated, undead monsters. They can be good or evil. The skeletons perform according to the command of their animator, the command being limited in scope to but a dozen words.

Stalwart Men-At-Arms

Steadfast Men-At-Arms

Terrible Troll & Goblin
Trolls are horrid carnivors found in nearly every clime. They are feared by most creatures, as a troll knows no fear and attacks unceasingly. Their sense of smell is very acute.

Troglodyte & Goblin
Troglodytes are reptillian humanoids who dwell in subterranean places. They loathe humans, and their aim is to slaughter them all. Troglodytes have chameleon like powers to change their skin color.

Umber Hulk & Dungeons Treasure
Umber Hulks are subterranean predators. Their iron-like claws enable them to burrow through solid stone. Their favorite prey are humans. Straing into their four eyes will cause anyone confusion.

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