These sticker packs are some of the few earliest AD&D novely items produced. What makes these special is that they not only have the characters that were produced into toys, they also have the other dozen characters which were probably in line up to be produced! LJN had good and evil characters for all classes and chose their line from them. We may have seen such characters as Raven, Helyane, Silverain, Figgen and others into toys if the line survived longer.

   This is the list of which characters are in which packs. Starting from left to right, top to bottom.

Pack 1

  • Elkhorn: Good Dwarf Fighter
  • Zargash: Evil Cleric
  • Warhorse Destrier
  • Aurelia: Good Ranger (Female)
  • Raven: Evil Cleric (Female)

Pack 2

  • Young Titan
  • Silverain: Good Fighter Elf
  • Helyane: Evil Illusionst (Female)
  • Kelek: Evil Sorcerer
  • Figgen: Good Halfing Theif (male)

Pack 3

  • Charmay: Good Echantress
  • Strongheart: Good Paladin
  • Zarak: Evil-Half Orc Assassin
  • Ogre King
  • Caruso: Good-Half Elf

Pack 4

  • Melf: Good Fighter Elf
  • Garn Gray Gaze: Good Gnome Illusionist-Theif
  • Bronze Dragon
  • Mercious: Good Cleric (Male)
  • Skylla: Evil Magic User

Pack 5

  • Warduke: Evil Fighter
  • Foxfingers: Evil Theif
  • Wyvern
  • Merrygold: Good Halfling Theif Fighter (female)
  • Mercion: Good Cleric

Pack 6

  • Zarak: Evil-Half Orc Assassin
  • Ringlerun: Good Wizard
  • Nightmare
  • Filaree: Good Half-Elf Druid (Female)
  • Northlord

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Anonymous

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