AD&D Wind-Ups

   In 1984, LJN begun producing 3 Wind-Up Monsters to go with the Action Figure line. The figures were Pernicorn, Tarrasque and Cave Fisher. Each monster had it's own unique feature it could attack with when it was wound up. They were a great idea, and turn out to be one of the best from the line.

AD&D Wind-Up Toys
Cave Fisher
The Cave Fisher is found in caverns and drop down on their opponents. The toy itself though walks forward, and the mouth opens and closes as the pincer arms move from side to side. Overall creating a really nice Wind-Up.
Pernicon was to perform a "Jump forward attack". It would just spring or hop forward quickly, or continously bounce forward. Since a loose one has not appeared, we are not to sure.
Tarrasque was going to "Prowl on his hind legs". The toy probably just moved forward while jumping up and down. It is possible but unlikely, that he could do full flips.

   For unknown reasons, it seems that the wind-ups were produced in limited quantities. Recently a Pernicon MOC has turned up, but it might be a LJN Prototype sample. It is probable that they were only test marketed in certain area's. The wind-ups are the rarest Dungeons & Dragons toy produced. Only a handful of loose and carded have appeared on the collectors market. Who knows what the future may hold?

Pernicorn MOC: James Gallo
Rest of Collection: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore / James Gallo

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