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   Most of the creatures made my LJN are some of the best detailed creatures made in the 80's. All of these monsters fit to the scale of the figures, except Timat. These Monsters and Dragons are not all too poseable, but they display very well. Five creatures were made for the 1st series in 1983. There were others planned but were canncelled, only allowing Timat to come out in 1984.
   Destrier (Stronghearts Horse), Nightmare (Wardukes Horse) and Bronze Dragon (Stronghearts Dragon) had seats in which the figure could slide into. LJN Coined the term "Mounts" for these monsters. This was a similar function used in the Vintage Star Wars ESB Taun Taun.
   The small summary of each character is provided by the 1979 4th Edition AD&D Monster Manual by TSR Games.

   Varations: In the 2nd year of AD&D, LJN re-released Destrier, Bronze Dragon and Nightmare with their appropriate figures. The figures were placed near the creature for this special 2-pack. These 2-packs are hard to come by.

   Unproduced: Two monsters named Behir and Bulette were extremely close to being produced. They would have been in the same series as Dragonne and Hook Horror. More info and pictures can be seen in the Prototypes section.

Bronze Dragon
   The Bronze Dragon is a Dragon that aides Strongheart. The Dragon itself is not as poseable as it should have been, but the toy still displays very well. Only the neck and tail are poseable, and the wings are detatchable. It comes with a saddle in which you can fit Strongheart into.

   Bronze Dragons prefer to dwell in subterranian lairs near substantial bodies of water such as lakes or seas. Despite their love of wealth, bronze dragons are basically of beneficent nature. They often assume the form of some animal in order to observe the affairs of humans.

   Destrier is Stronghearts noble steed. This horse is armored up and ready for battle.

   Dragonne is one of the more unique and most detailed pieces. It is poseable in the neck, arms and tail... and overall one of the most poseable of the series.

   A weird cross between a brass dragon and a giant lion, the dragonne is both very rare and most solitary. The beast fights with its huge claws and great fangs; but its most dread weapon is it's horrible roar. This sound causes weakness to all within 12" of the monster. They can only fly short distances with their wings.

Hooked Horror
   The Hooked Horror is a unqiue creature with hooked hands and a vulture like beak. The toy can only move it's neck and arms. Overall a unique monster, but not a amazing toy.

   Nightmare is Warduke's etheral steed. This horse has flaming hooves and fire from it's nostrils. When the saddle is removed, you can see the rib cage and other bones. The toy would be perfect if it was poseable.

   Also known as "demon horses" and "hell horses," Nightmares are creatures from the lower planes. They are ridden primarly by the more powerful demons and devils as well as by night hags. On occasion they serve as steeds for the undead such as spectres, vampires and liches. Nightmares can fly, become etheral, and roam the astral plane.

   Timat is the most desired of all these monsters. This five-headed dragon appeared in the D&D CBS Animated series and was one of the best villians. The toy is quite tough to find and when it is found, the wings or arms are usually broken. The main head could open it's jaw and the tongue could flicker out. The other four heads were bendable. With a push of a button on the mane, the arms moved inward to attack other figures.

Destirer: Stefan Talbott
Other Toys: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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