(L-R) Hard Copy / Production Piece

   This is Kylie from the Extreme Ghostbuster Cartoon series. This is a Hardcopy version, which means it made of a resin like material and is hand painted. The limbs are held together by metal pins. In additon, the figure has no manufacturer markings. This figure is actually a few centimeters taller than the produced version. Another great thing about this piece is the arms and head are one piece. The arms do not swivel, and the hair is part of the head. Also, the paint is more vibrant in color than the produced figure since it is painted by hand to be a presentation piece.

   With most hardcopies, the painter paints details which never appear in the produced version. Kylie's boots have yellow stripes, laces on vest, face is more detailed, white band on boots etc. Kylie's hand that holds the gun is also different than the produced version. This piece probably displayed at Toyfair in the Extreme Ghostbusters booth, since it has holes in her feet so she can stand up and her arm which holds the gun is glued. Slimer is also hand painted, but looks exactly like the produced one. With all of these points, this figure is a great rendition of the character.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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