Iguanis , Spasma , Slythor , Zig Zag , Vortex , Warwolf.

    These were going to be the next addition to the dying Gi Joe line. These toys would have brought some kids back, but Hasbro scraped the whole project and 3 inch line. These figures stand around 4 inchs tall and are some of the best last series Joe figures. The one called Vortex , who was probably the best looking, quite patheticaly FAILED almost every child safety test thrown at it. Causing him to be droped from the line if the line was to be produced. Vortex is the most sought after of these prototypes. In addition Spasma was rumored to have a added function of to squirt water. BELOW are the general statement of Manimals from the cards and their BIO's they would have had.

    "From a distant universe, where life evolved over a complex series of alien and reptile mutations, come the body-changing MANIMALS. As if they weren't hostile enough in their "normal" form, when provoked these Lunartix monsters mutate into the meanest bounty hunters this side of the Milky Way!"


Stellar Stalker

    Thought to be a mythical Lunartix creature of ancient cosmic lore, the entire universe was shocked when IGUANUS recently appeared on the planet Mastodon hunting its giant creatures and eating them raw - horns and all! A part time bounty hunter and a full time meat-eater, nothing can escape his capture after he locks onto its scent. If you're going to explore a star sector near Mastodon, take along plenty of lasers and set them all to full power!


Planetary Punisher

    A bounty hunter who always gets his alien, VORTEX has captured more convicts than any other Lunartix Manimal in the universe. In star sectors west of the G-2 galaxy, where he was hatched, his reputation as a bounty hunter keeps most criminals away for fear of being captured and thrown into jail. Although he puts a lot of space scum into the slammer, he does it strictly for the cash - exactly the opposite of G.I.Joe forces.


Galactic Attacker

Roaming the universe, searching for villains to capture, this beastly bounty hunter has the strength of ten ordinary men - 20 after mutating into his evil alter ego. He's one Manimal no one wants to mess with, not even the other Lunartix aliens will approach his star cruiser when he's armed for battle and frothing at the fangs. Luckily the Joes are out there to protect planet Earth from Lunartix like SLYTHOR, but still the threat remains. Watch out!


Alien Stealth Commando

    SPASMA is a battle-thirsty warrior who "alienates" everyone he meets. He loves picking fights with innocent Venusian or Martian star traders by spitting his toxic saliva at them. "I just don't like anyone who lives so close to planet Earth!" he gripes. Ever since DUKE stopped him from demolishing a mineral-rich asteroid belt, SPASMA has carried a grudge against Earth people in general and even fellow Lunartix who associate with them. Luckily he stays on his side of the universe most of the time and mutates into his evil form only when provoked... or hungry!


Alien Mutation Expert

    After mutating into his evil monster personality, this planet stomping Lunartix alien will bite anything that moves, and almost anything that doesn't. His poor vision once led him to swallow a fallen meteor that he's mistaken for a glowing mound of space algae. Soon thereafter, WARWOLF began to expel the contents of his stomach, coughing up an entire tail section of a Cobra Invader! Talk about an appetite, when this guy gets hunger pangs... RUN!


Mutating Alien warrior

    When hungry for a snack, ZIGZAG has been known to grab freighter pilots right from their canopies and toss them into his gaping mouth before they even have time to signal for help. Since there are no sounds or odors in space, you never know when he'll sneak up on you. But when down on a planet's surface, you can smell him coming from three trisecs away. Zigzag's bloated body smells like rotten Lunartix eggs and the odor becomes quite toxic when mixed with the stench of his blood-stained breath. Yecch!

Collection of: - Tom Wheeler
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: - Tom Wheeler

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