Tonka did their best to incorporate Bandai's Machine Robo's and Tonka's exptertise in trucks and cars. Being that Tonka was very smart to take a step in the action figure market, they did rather well in creating some of their own Gobots. You can now get a better understanding on why and where Zod, Scales, and the Boomers come from.
    I have also included this area as for the non Tonka and non Arco Gobots. Tonka did a excellent job in allowing other compnaies to produce robots that transform and place them under the Gobot name. below your going to find some of the coolest and perhaps as well as the most messed up creations after Arco.

Binocular! With the ability to be lamer than a Motobot!
Cap Pistol
Hand held pistol with cap firing abilities.
Cap Rifle
& Robo Scope
A rifle and scope that resemble alien anal probe!
A battleship with limited abilities!
Squirt Gun
Handheld water pistol with amazing range.
Unrecognizable gun that resembles a colorful tree branch.

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