Monsterous was produced in 1987. Bandai & Tonka were still aiming for the robot monster stuff, and that is what produced this oddity. Again we have six pieces to combine Monsterous as we did with the Puzzler. The posability is lessened but the piece is tighter and combines much easier. The detailing and imagination put into these guys are amazing, but playbaility was sacrificed. Some of the vehicles are confusing at best, and it seems they focused on making a nice looking robot than individual robots. From this we also lost poseability in the figures.

    Monsterous combiners can be found individually carded or found in a gift set. They were released in Europe, and in Japan. Japan though had them in various colors and they were called Satan 6.


In a smile lined with steely-spiked teeth, Fangs clicks his mouth to a deadly beat. One bite can rip out a wall. He can break into any top security building. No plans are safe. No technology adequate to prevent him from his sinister goals. And as the leg of the giant, Monsterous, his attacks are of even greater proportions.

Fright Face

In the flash of thought, Fright Face becomes the head of Monsterous - A giant Renegade monster with a cold, calculating mind. With a sinister snarl. Fright Face displays the shine of his evil fangs. Few can look upon his frightening face and not quake in utter terror. Can anyone or anything overcome this awesome being of destruction?

Gore Jaw

A slimy trail echoes of shrieking yells, are evil clues to Gore Jaw's trail. Never missing a stride, Gore Jaw takes on everything in hispath and turns it into an ugly, gory mass. When he becomes the leg of Monsterous, he walks and people flee! He's out there somewhere. Can he be stopped?!

Heart Attack

With blood-curdling speed and merciless determination, Heart Attack attacks his foes. Although frightening and strong, a hit in the right place wil temporarily weaken him. However, his strength will retun in moments. The Guadianshave only a small chance against this sinister monster who is the body of the giant, Monsterous!

South Claw

Sharpening his claws to a taloned point, South Claw, prepares for his attack on the Guardians. His sinsiter face reflects the glow of his destructive claws. All is ready, as he streaks into the darkening sky. His mission: Contact with his five foul cohorts to become the left arm of Monsterous. A Giant Renegade with the powerful mark of doom at the points of his evil hand!

Weird Wing

With his wings reaching out as a blanket of darkness, Weird Wing streaks across the sky on his missions of doom. Capable of predicting the ominus future of his victims, he smirks with delight as he flies down for attack. And when he connects with his five Renegade cohorts, he becomes a Giant Monsterous Arm, pitting his evil strength against the Guardians!

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