These Convertible Models Kits were produced by Monogram during the Go-Bots hype! They also seemed to last long after Go-Bots as well since I remember seeing them still in stores in early 91'! There were 4 regular models produced, and 2 large models. The 2 large models, are of Leader-1 and Cy-Kill. The strange part is that they have taken the exact shape of Macross/Robotech vehicles! Leader-1 is a Legioss Alpha Fighter and Cy-Kill is a Mospeda Bike Suit. They transform perfectly as in the Robotech series and if you paint them correctly, they would be great for any Macross/Robotech collector.
    Also below, is a strange model Royal-T that is very very scary.

-----Regular Size-----





Trans AM


-----Large Size-----



Buddy L Royal-T

    This is one for the books. This is a exact replica of the Gobots Royal-T model made by Monogram for Tonka. This Royal-T is in baby blue color and is produced by Buddy-L and probably for the RoboTron line! With Copyright info and a date of 1984... Isn't this fraud by a major company?

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