The Command Center is a rather neat playset. Sadly it never really did much other that store things, but it had some cute gimmicks that made it all worth while.

  • Light & Sounds
  • Working Elevator

    Though that does not sound much. The smaller things make this a fun piece. Though there was no actual rooms, they did section off the floors and have big stickers describing each section. The stickers were fun and they had such rooms as,
  • Alien Detention Center
  • Gobot De-Materializatizer
  • Strategtic Command
  • Enemy Re-Programming Center V.T.M.
  • Cafeteria
  • Trauma Center
  • Interrogation Center

    For me, these sticker do it all. They really give a feeling of a starship other than justa few rooms for most playsets by other compnaies. The interesting fact is these are some serious concepts that never appeared in the cartoon. Early Tonka plans that went away with the Hanna-Barberra Cartoon? or a Renegade artist?
    There are quite a few parts in this set. To view them all please Click Here

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