This is the only known example of the Sr-71 Blackbird Renegade known as Snoop. This piece originates from a Tonka Employee who kept the sample. The card is the fron 85' series and has no hologram offer. Snoop is also numbered 43 out of the 72 Gobots produced. This means it was not intended to be a late release.

There are differences to this North American Snoop than the European and Japanese version. The United States stickers are long and the Air Force emblem is in different places. The sticker on her chest is completely different as well.

    Snoop was alledged to be offered in the 1985 JC Penny Christmas Catalog. Many people I have talked to order it and never received the toy. Instead they got someone else. I'm not sure if they came carded or bagged.

    I have a scan of the JC Penny Catalog below. You can see Snoop is pictured but never referred to in the villian set. Also, one cannot believe catalogs because they always show prototypes and production pieces. Flipping through the catalog you will find Transformers being offered, and Japanese Diaclones being picture. Handpainted prototypes are also shown for many various lines. (Pic. 1) , (Pic. 2)

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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