Packaged Variations

    A strange package variation on Vanguard has turned up. This version has yellow print for his name and faction instead of black. All Guardians should carry black text on a yellow background. This Vanguard has yellow text which is used for the Renegades, and is on a yellow background. This error was caught quickly by Tonka and corrected.

    Transition Carded GoBots are recolored GoBots on their original cards. Tonka re-issued certain GoBots in North America in new color schemes. These GoBots were Leader-1, Cy-Kill, BuggyMan, Blaster, Crasher & Tail-Pipe. Tail-Pipe though carried the same card art and a transition card does not exist for him. The other four can be found be found on transition cards. Below are the transition cards for Cy-Kill and Crasher. I have not found the other two yet but I suspect they exist.

The transition cards were probably created when the new re-colored GoBots were just produced and the new packages had not been produced yet. The runs of these transition cards are limited. It is possible that a original figure could be packaged on a new color scheme card (White Crasher on a Black Crasher card), but none have appeared.

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