In my opinion this is one of the best Gobots ever produced. From it's unique transformation, design, robotic look and playability, it wins hands down. Tork makes many Transformers of the following years look like McDonlds happy meal toys.
    Tork as a off road vehicle has a amazing sleek design with all his parts closing in on each other smootly and perfectly. As a vehicle, he has a pull back option that lets him zip by him you quite fast. Tork also has a winching ability. You can have the front winch show or have it pulled back under the carrage. When used, it can pull out to about a foot and will either pull him or pull the object to him in seconds.
    As a robot, he is posable in the arms and not really anywhere else. Bandai put a great effort to have a smooth transformation and robotic look, and even placed in knee caps to show the continuity of legs. Both of his guns can fit into his hands and his hands do rotate. There is a extra accessory that you can clip underneath to help him stand, when you utilize his robotic pullback action. This feature allows him to race forwards as he does in vehicle mode.

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