This is the original header card for a display of Tonka Gobots. This piece measures 21" inches tall and 22" Inches wide. It is the header part of the display, while the bottom portion would be the display area were the Gobots would be hanged on pegs. It is not uncommon that the header is the only part that survives, because it was the only part of the display that usually showed pictures or the logo. So far, this is the only known Gobots Store display type. Is is also quite possible this was never produced, because this piece comes from a Tonka Employee. The back has never been folded and the art is very close to the type of artwork shown on the Space Hawk. The space hawk was one of the last toys produced giving this a timeline of late 87'. It still could be a Kay-Bee display to help them sell their overstock.

    I love how it shows all the various characters from Vanguard, Spoiler, Creeper Jeeper and Tux! Focus on such later characters is rare.

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Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
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