Tonka was wise to sell their Gobots license to as many people as possible. From this, came the Wendy's Gobots. One of Wendy's early "Happy Meal" toys offered. They came carded and are what you would expect fast food chain toys to be like. They were a great hit and sadly only began when Gobots was winding down. Guide Star is the toy that was intended for children under 3, which explains his basic transformation. He is the toughest of the group, but is not valued any higher.
    Below is the original tray liner for the Wendy's GoBots. Every order in North America during the promotion had this piece of paper on the tray. Yet everyone threw it out except this one sheet. Finding original piece's like this are incredibly rare. The sheet itself exaplains the offer and offers bio cut out out's for each character. The text in the bio's is different than the final text on the packages of the GoBots. Read Guide Star's text below.

    " Gentle and peaceful by nature, he'll fight the Renegades when necessary by using his computer knowledge to out-smart them."

With lightning speed, Beamer races across the roads to capture Renegade invaders. Fast talking and quick acting, he somtimes finds more trouble than he wants. But, beamer always manages to find a way out...somehow!

When Breez takes off, he swirls a foul wind that blinds all those within range. He's a dirty fighter and has a mean streak that even the Renegades have learned to respect. He's a renegade in every sense of the word.

Guide Star
Although gentle and peaceful by nature, Guide Star will fight the Renegades... if necessary. But, he would rather outsmart them by using his remarkable computer knowledge. Guide Star's mission is to guide the Guardians through the darkness of space.

Odd Ball
Neither the Guardians of the Renegades know what Odd Ball is going to do next! This Renegade mnster looks as strange as he acts. He's a strong fighter who always has a trick up his sleeve. Like his name, he's strange and always unpredictable.

Pow Wow
Pow Wow's mission is to claim Earth as Renegade territory. He's not afraid of anyone or anything--especially a Guardian! He's cunning and sneaky. Pow Wow pretends to be a friendly GoBot...but, he's really a Renegade in disguise.

Sky Flyer
Flying across the upper limits of the atmosphere, Sky Fly watches the activites on Earth. If only the Renegades realized he was spying on them! Swift and alert, Sky Fly never lats anything or anyone get past him.

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