Here is the unproduced Penny Robinson action figure from Lost in Space! To my knowledge, only two of these exist. She never even got to the test shot devolpment stage. I think the reasons are that back in the day, female figures were also produced in lower quantity because of sales. But what also put Penny down for the count may have been her accessories. The figure comes with Penny's backpack that she used to work on the hull of the Jupiter 2. In the scene though, Penny had two wires coming down to her side, and when we first see her she is working upside down. The backpack though is based off that sequence, but the sequence was never added into the final release of the film. She later gets distracted by Blwarp (Yellow Alien Monkey), and follows him into another time bubble where she meets the Future Blawrp. Below I have pictures of the sequence which was never added in. This would have been a figure I feel a lot of people would wish to have been produced. To my knowledge even Lacey Chabert the actress who played Penny even went to the store to search for this figure and was unhappy she couldn't find it. Now to track down the other Penny and get that leg replicated!

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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