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Action Figure Listings W/ Comics

    The comics listed here are all from the Action Figures. When you purchased a Action Figure, the comic was behind him and told a story of the character you bought. Each comic was exlclusive to a certain figure(s). There was a huge variety of comics produced. Some are tougher to locate than others.
Not all of the comics are up yet :^)

The Battle Of Roboto

The Clash of Arms

Eye Of The Storm

The Fastest Draw in the Universe

The Flying Fists of Power!

He-Man and the Insect People

He-Man Meets Ram-Man!

Hordak-The Ruthless Leader's Revenge!

The King Of Snake Men

Leech-The Master of Power Suction Unleashed!

Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde!

The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces

Rock People to the Rescue!

The Search For Keldor

Spikor Strikes

Snake Attack!

The Stench of Evil

The Treachery of Modulok

The Warrior Machine!

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