2003-the year of the Megabug Gladiators!
"In the year 2003, earth was invaded by a vehicle from a galaxy thousands of lightyears away. This vehicle had the appearance of a giant spider. People called it "Megaspider". Because it was completely mechanical, and maneuvered by pre-programmed humanoids, conventional weaponry was defenseless against it. Scientists, engineers and military men of all the world's nations united to devolp Megabug Gladiators for defense and counterattack. The first devolped was a fighter spaceship; the Dragonfly Megabug. Dragonfly Megabug could drop a bomb. In addition, a winch in its mouth could pick up Megaspider and capture it. A mammoth Scorpion Megabug was also perfected. The powerful Scorpion Megabug had a stinger tail with a mace for battle with Megaspider. It was designed with powerful pincers for attacking the invaders. Togther , the two Megabug Gladiators fight a never-ending battle against the Megaspider."

    While Kenner was producing Star Wars toys, they tried many different idea's to start other toy lines because they knew Star Wars would not last forever. The Megabug Toy Line line came out in 1979 and had three vehicles in the series. This line is unknown to so many people, I have to give it some credit. It took me awhile to find a loose one (years) after seeing one in a Kenner catalog. This line was not succesful since it ended so early, but you can also tell by its documentation and the o-so-many mark downs on the Toys' R Us price tags on the boxes. This line is not bad at all, and had some really neat designs. Below is all three boxed toys and what the ships looked like. The Dragonfly, Scorpion & Megaspider.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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