"Recently, the minor border skirmishes between the Triax & V-Rocs countries erupted into full scale war. Hundreds of land and air combat vehicles battle across the land. With their huge fightining machines, they stage the most massive battles ever"

    The Mega Force toy line was produced by Kenner in 1989. Mega Force enjoyed moderate success but was cancelled after the 1st series. The entire line was based on war, specificaly between two countries or factions of Triax and the V-Rocs. These military vehicles were unlike any previous war toys with huge rolling fortress's & flying command centers. The toys have a realistic feasibility yet seem to have their origins based in anime or video games as side shooter boses!

    All of the smaller planes & tanks are made from metal and are painted. Large vehicles are of plastic with ramps or missiles that fire. All the toys have a high level of detail and much more was planned by Kenner.

    Mega Force has a fair amount of collectors that build armies. The toyline is currently affordable for any collector on a meager budget with only one or two vehicles being a little more uncommon than others.

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