A unknown compnay produced 6 fully licnesed and very posable 6" Mortal Kombat 2 figures based on the video game. The figures are unique and come with a base (with name plate) and weapons! The base opens up for weapon storage.

    These were only offered as a mailaway in the early 90's. The compnay was very faithful to each figure giving them the exact weapons or paint or clothing and sculpt they needed. These toys were so good, Josca, a Argentina toy compnay bought the license and the toys.

    Josca produced the 6 figures and then 6 more. They came carded but with no acceessories or stand. I have only ecountered and handfull of these figures. have you found any? Let me know!

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photo: Alex Bickmore

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