This is Zoolie from Pirates Of Dark Water in Test-Shot form. Sadly these are his production colors. When Test Shots were being made in the late 80's and early 90's, they didn't just use whatever plastic was available (Sometimes they did, but not often). But they chose to use the correct plastic here.

   There are slight differences though from production and test shot. The head is a little bit more red than the produced version. But even more unique is Zoolie's markings. The marking of "Liscensed by Hamilton projects INC." is only on the Test Shots.

The Production version:

�1990 Hanna Barbera Productions INC.
Liscensed by
Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc.
Made In China C-012
Dist. by Hasbro INC.

Test Shot version:

�1990 Hanna Barbera Productions INC.
Liscensed by Hamilton projects INC.
Made In China C-012

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