But the Question is always....... is it real? Any Authenticity? It is almost impossible to tell. Most of the unique stuff doesn't have authenticity, unless it passes hands through a well-known collector/dealer. The next authenticity is that it could have been sold at auction by the studio. This is definitely true for some items, but for items like Star Wars.....Lucas never sold any props and "doesn't" hand out autheticity letters, or anyone from Fox or Lucasfilm for that matter. Everything just comes down to your expertise, and the best way to build your experince points up, is to do some reasearch and talk to people.

Aliens: Smart Gun Battery

Aliens: Left Arm of a Alien

Alien Ressurection: Auguria Pistol

Big Bad Beetleborgs: Original Comic Props

Critters: Critter Puppet

Seaquest: Camo Uniform

Toys: Zevo Toys Worker Coat (good)

Tron: Dumont Style Costume

V: Fake Gun From V Series

This is unused movie prop from Poltergiest 1 it seems. It was originaly going to be used when Caroline was coming back through the porthole with her mother at the end. This prop is actually 2 feet large...and I passed it since it was sooooo.... well......DISTURBING!

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