The Stonehead Playset was pictured in the 1986 Tonka Catalog. It seems to be a large playset based on the head in the Rocklords logo. The actual design of this playset as a playset is lacking. It seems this toy was designed for one thing. The only possible thing a rock can really do on it's own.

    We are unsure, but we believe the crank at the top when turned will cause the mouth to open and close. You can keep rotating it on eway and the mouth will open, close, open etc. Looking at the smooth surface fo the inner mouth, we believe this piece has one purpose. To spit Rocklords out and let them roll and knock over their enemies. The back we feel is where you can load up to 3+ Rocklords in Rock form. The crank will allow one Rocklord to be "spit" out at a time.

    The playset also offers a control panel etc. to playwith. It was a prefect and fun idea, but it probably would have never sold well. Still is a great and cool looking piece!

Collection of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Tonka/ Tomarts

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