-==-=--Shock Rocks--=-==-

"From Planet Quartex come Shock Rocks, rock warriors with awesome might!"

"Magamar has called in Stone Hook and Rock Shot to aid him in his attempt to take over the planet. However, Rock Roller has joined Boulder's forces and is ready to defend his home."
It's a battle between good and evil. Who will win? The answer is shocking!"

    To be honest, the only shocking thing here is that big fat blue guy. These figures none the less are Rocklords. They will give you a bit of trouble to find, and they have a added feature unlike their counter parts. Stone Hook's action is to clip his hook anywhere, which he can then reel in. Rock Roller, as you guessed, rolls on the ground like a big oaf. Rock Shot holds his ball in his stomach, and can also launch it with his arm. These guys take the cake and are a awesome addition to this great toy line called Rocklords!

Stone Hook(Evil)
Rock Type: ??????????
-Weapon: -Huge Ass Hook

There is no Bio card for Him

Rock Roller(Good)
Rock Type: ??????????
-Weapon: -Attack Roll?

There is no Bio card for Him

Rock Shot(Evil)
Rock Type: ??????????
-Weapon: -Medicine Ball

There is no Bio card for Him

Collection of: Mac & Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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1997 - 1998 workings