I really do love this line and over time I will get quite a bunch to put up here. For now I just have Capt. Holland! Will pay very well for Mego Humanoid! E-mail me at [email protected] for any questions.

Black Hole: Action Figures

Captain Holland


Dr. Durant

----------None in Stock----------

Dr. Reinhardt

----------None in Stock----------

Harry Booth

----------None in Stock----------



Kate McCrae

100% Complete & C-9+. SOLD


C-8+ & no Stand. Minor chrome wear on hands.SOLD

Old B.O.B.

----------None in Stock----------


----------None in Stock----------

Sentry Robot

100% Complete & C-9+. Looks great and gun has some chrome wear. SOLD

Sentry Robot

C-8+ & No Gun. Missing a hand. Same hand as the Micronauts line, just red. SOLD

Sentry Robot

C-8.5+ Card. Bubble C-9+ and firmly sealed. Crease on top right corner only. No other wear. Figure's hand did fall off in bubble. NOT broken, Mego design based after Microman hands design. Slides out. Pic. 2SOLD


----------None in Stock----------

V.I.N. Cent

C-8+ & No Stand. Both white guns broken off as usual. SOLD

Black Hole: Novelty

Black Hole Poster

C-7.5+. Original GOlden Book Poster of what I beleive to Maximillian (based upon his head). Poster bagged still and very hard to find like this. Scuff on poster. Pic. 2SOLD

Black Hole Coloring Book

C-9+. Unused copy with magic market price on cover. Old store stock. $8

Black Hole Wall Paper

C-9+. 21" Inches long and shows the Cygnus and Palimino. Pic. 2SOLD

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