Godaikins are a very tough and expensive toy line. To be honest I will rarely have any boxed items. I will though have a great variety of accessories which I find a lot! From Voltes V parts to Combatra feet. E-mail me at [email protected] for any questions or to place a order .

Godaikins: Robots


Boxed and never been played with. Old store stock. Toys of course have never been played with and are mint. Box is in amazing shape. Pic.2, Pic.3, Pic.4$160


All 3 Vehicles here. two are C-8.5+ and very nice. Little bit loose on arms but can be fixed. Thinner one missing the large wings. Still nice. Pic.2, Pic.3, Pic.4SOLD


Beaten top portion. Missing a wing but has great chrome and decent paint. Both arms are there. Need to switch parts? SOLD

Bio Dragon

--------------None in Stock Currently------------------------------


Bioman Ship 02. Forms the legs. has some wear, and a wheel missing. SOLD

Combattra #1 Vehicle

C-6+ & Yellow prong broken off. Face still flips down but may need help a little in robo mode. Pic. 2$20

Combattra #1 Wing

C-8+ & No Tail Fin.$15

Combattra #1 Missile


Combattra #2 Vehicle

C-5+ & nothing broken. All here, but the front of ship is all scuffed up. Wheels are loose so do not stay up all the time. Pic. 2, Pic. 3$20

Combattra #2 Vehicle

C-7+ & missing a arm! Not only that, the other arm broke at the elbow. But if you need to step up in condition on the chest this might be a good start! Pic. 2, Pic. 3$14

Combattra #2 Wing

C-8+. Tail wing has one peg broken off inside. Holds still with the other peg. But these parts are from other toys, so the one peg that broke does not match the wing. Pic.2 $15

Combattra #2 Wing

C-7+.. No tail wing. Fan on back has chrome all worn off. $5

Combattra #3 Vehicle

C-6+ & Wow. No treads. Gash of plastic missing off one of the tread supports (Upper part). Missing yellow missile pod. Pic. 2, Pic. 3SOLD

Combattra #3 Vehicle

C-8+ & Wow. Ok the wheel area is dead. The metal part is C-8+ or better. So it would be great to switch with a dead one! Red piece comes off (Screws gone). Pic. 2, Pic. 3$18

Combattra #3 Turret


Combattra #3 Claws

C-8+ $25

Combattra #3 Claws

C-8+ $25

Combattra #3 Radar

C-7+ Pic.2 $17

Combattra #3 Radar

C-8+. Looks like someone spray painted it grey? Pic.2 $9

Combattra #4 Vehicle

C-5+ & Chrome wear and paint wear. Knee discs missing. Windshield cracker. Will work fine as legs. Pic. 2$20

Combattra #4 Wing

C-8+ $20

Combattra #4 Missile

C-8 (Have 2).$15

Combattra #5 Foot (R)

C-6. Displays ok. No launcher inside the door. A lot of wear and even missing a set of wheels. But will work as a foot!SOLD

Combattra #5 Foot (L)

C-6.5. Displays ok. No launcher inside the door. Chrome off the back exhausts (in the back). SOLD

Combattra #5 Cover (R)


Combattra #5 Cover (L)


Combattra #5 Missile


Combattra Hand (R)


Combattra Hand (Drill)


Combattra Hand (Drill)

C-6.5 (Chrome wear)$10

Combattra Fist (L)


Combattra Fist (R)


Combattra Blue Claw



--------------None in Stock Currently------------------------------------------------


--------------None in Stock Currently------------------------------------------------


--------------None in Stock Currently------------------------------------------------

Lion Center

Knock-Off center Robot. C-7+ and has inner gun that pops out. Still has tail as well! SOLD

Dancougar Head

His Robotic Eagle / Head. Leg has been bent and cannot transform to well. C-7+ but can be used for parts. SOLD


Nice, but neck plate broke off and slightly tinted. No weapons or fists. SOLD


--------------None in Stock Currently------------------------------------------------

Dynaman (Sm)

100% Complete & C-8.5+. Smooth piece with all parts. Nothing broken and very clean. Pic. 2SOLD

Gardian (Delinger)

C-8+ inner red robot for Gardian. Licensed version with marking son back. No fists and yellowed head. Pic. 2


Box C-7++ & Toy is C-9++. Majority of the toy is here. As usual a few fists are gone. I'm missing 3 fists, 1 Pilot and 1 handheld weapon. 3rd image shows all weapons. I have 2 of the 3 cards that came with it. SOLD

God Marz Center Robot

Been played with and has no accessories. Cracker window.. no feet. Head loose... needs help. Pic. 2SOLD

God Marz Black Robot

Been played with and has no accessories. SOLD


Knock-Off version from the 1980's. Boxed with majority of parts! This Godbot is a exact copy of the Godaikin one down to the 2nd cover over the figures and parts. Missing the small hands for Ocean, one had for the yellow robot and Ocean's whip and the main sword. Quality is nice but nothing like the original. Thunder Robot is missing on of his main feet. Transforms perfectly as you can see in the last photo. Pic. 2, Pic. 3, Pic. 4, Pic. 5, Pic. 6, Pic. 7SOLD

Goggle V Jet

Google Jet Only! C-7+ and has some wear. But as you can see it's all there, work perfectly and nothing broken. Sweet$16

Goggle V Dump

Googledump! C-8.5 But no very back wheels. Who needs them anyways! Muwahah. SOLD

Goggle V Tank

C-6.5 with paint wear. No tank treads. Arms are fine. $14


--------------None in Stock Currently-----------------

Sun Vulcan

--------------None in Stock Currently--------------------------------

Tetsujin 28

--------------None in Stock Currently------------------------------

Voltes V

--------------None in Stock Currently-----------------------------

Voltes V

C-8+ and Transformers fine! Looks complete and nothing broken off it. Very neat piece that transfoms into gun, robot and spaceship! Pic. 2SOLD

Godaikins: 3 3/4" Figures


C-8+ but mini antenna damaged. $8


C-8+ but mini antenna damaged. SOLD


C-8.5+ SOLD


C-7+ (Marked JAPAN on his back). $13

Grendizer (Fake)



C-7.5+ SOLD

Mazinger Z

C-8++ (Horns broke off) SOLD

Mazinger Z (Fake)

C-9++ SOLD


C-7 with one rocket ripped off. SOLD

Godaikins: Weapons & Accessories


Many in stock. But I do not know what is what! Help me out and then i can sort what is for sale, which will be most. Also check out these Axes, andRed Missiles. Weird stuff pictured here

Combattra Fist


    All items that are listed should 99% be in stock! I constantly update this page!
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