One of the best toylines to come out in a years! I have vintage Lord of the rings for sale to the new toybiz lord of the rings for sale. Elrond for sale, to original banks. Toy Biz's line has some amazing things going for it (and a few against). Overall a fantastic line for a amazing trilogy. E-mail me at [email protected] for any questions or to place a order .

Fellowship Of The Ring: 1978 Banks


All are packaged with original inserts. All banks are complete with stoppers. All banks are C-9.5+ (or really darn close) except for Ringwraith, which has green rubbed off on his head. The boxes re solid, but a few have a couple crease here, small rip on one side etc. Check out the photos are you will understand the full condition. This set is friend a friend's of mine and will be shipped from Ca. SOLD


C-8+ & 100% Complete. Stands just fine. SOLD

Fellowship Of The Ring: Action Figures

LOTR Elrond

C-8+ Case Fresh. Crease on top left of card. Sealed a very rare piece. $10

FOTR Legolas

C-9++ Case Fresh. Sealed a very rare piece. This is the original Legolas on Green Card! Pic.2$10

Fellowship Of the Ring Deluxe gift Set

C-9++ Case Fresh. Sealed a very rare piece. All 9 figures of the Fellowship, includes Gandalf, Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, Samwise Gimgee and Merry and Pippin! All weapons! All working order and mint. Was in stores for a limited time. HUGE box! Pic.2SOLD

LOTR Cave Troll

C-8++ Case Fresh. Sealed a very rare piece. Face has NO DAMAGE like many others. Pic. 2SOLD

LOTR Cave Troll

C-8++ & No Spear. Works fine. Face is ripped but all of the face is here and can be glued down. Pic. 2SOLD

Return Of the King: Action Figures

ROTK Legolas 12"

Box opened and toy complete with daggers, arrows, sword and bow. Faint 500 on front and top of box. SOLD

Fellowship Of The Ring: Art Asylum

Twilight Frodo 3-Pack

C-9++ Case Fresh. Sealed and a exclsuive only to the 03' Comic conventions. Pic. 2$9

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