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Action Figures (All Years)


MOSC C-8.5+ to C-9+ card. Still sealed. US Card. SOLD


100% Complete & C-9+SOLD

Mer Man

C-8+ with no accessories.SOLD

Snake Teela

AFA U90. Crack in the back oft he AFA case. $100


MOSC C-7++ to C-8+ card. Still sealed. This is the original released version. SOLD


C-8+ with no missile.SOLD


100% Complete & C-8.5+SOLD

Teela w/ Tape

C-8+ or better. Comes with VHS Tape . Pic. 2SOLD


C-9+ & No Accessories.SOLD

Trap Jaw

C-9+ with two arm attachments.SOLD


100% Complete & C-9+SOLD

Action Figures Snake Men

Kobra Khan

MOSC C-8.5+ card or better. Still sealed. SOLD

Two Bad

MOSC C-8.5+ card or better. Still sealed. SOLD

Exclusives & Mail-Aways: Action Figures


2002 Mattel Exclusive He-Man figure. Only 1000 produced. Sealedon card, and the figure has a chrome shield and washed out features. Really nice card with only shelf wear so to say. I was there to see the battles and people being trampled. Many fought long and hard for this toy. Pic. 2SOLD


2003 Mattel Exclusive He-Man figure. Only 3000 produced. This Keldor is SEALED in it's original black box. Inside is Keldor in his Store Type box with window and art etc. Keldor is the name of Skeletor before his face was burned. You not only have Keldor, but interchangable heads between him, a metling skeleton face and Skeletor! Pic. 2SOLD


2004 Mattel Exclusive She-Ra figure. She-Ra is Sealed in box and untouched. Superb piece with sword, shield, comb and real cape. Also has real rooted hair! Pic. 2,Pic. 3$50

Exclusive Hordak Bust

2004 Neca Exclusive Bust. Limited to 750 and has a crimson portion on it's base. Quite a kick ass a piece. Completely unused. Pic. 2SOLD

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