There are many strange things that were produced for the masters of The Universe line. There were many things that were also made by other companies. Here I will sell those oddities. E-mail me at [email protected] for any questions or to place a order .

He-Man: Prototypes

She-Ra Glory Wings

This is the unproduced Glory wings from She-Ra. The piece is a test shot and has full markings. It is silverish see through with speckles in it. Any He-Man / She-Ra prototype is quite rare.Trade only

He-Man: Funky Stuff

Big Battle Cat w/ Genitalia

A strange piece indeed. About twice the size of Battle Cat. Teeth are missing and needs help standing, but the piece is mint. It is hollow and the more shocking part is that the people who made this fake added Genitalia. Weird and yet cool. Can be repainted to be a hug Snow Meow from Thundercats too.Pic. 2 , Pic. 3 SOLD

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