Micronauts were before my time. Some of them are quite sweet, but I usually let everything go. I will usually been placing up loose piece and Interchangables for sale too! E-mail me at [email protected] for any questions or to place a order .

Micronauts: Robots

Acryoyear (Blue)

C-7.5+. Has one arm but he has the knife! SOLD

Acryoyear (Gold)

C-8+. Arms loose.. needs a little help in areas. Horns broken off. Original piece. SOLD

Acryoyear (Green)

C-7.5+. Displays well but has two left or two right feet. SOLD

Acryoyear (Red)

C-8+. No knife. SOLD

Acryoyear (Red)

C-8+. No knife or wings. SOLD


C-8.5+. Has one gun. All hand plugs here. Legs loose as usual. SOLD


C-8.5+. Looks great! I dunno what he is missing though. SOLD


C-8.5+. Has backpack and one gun. Both hand plugs here. Legs loose as usual. SOLD


100% Complete & C-8.5+ Legs loose as usual. SOLD


C-8.5+. No weapons or hand plugsSOLD


C-7+. Has both wheels, arms, and one head. Has a white part broke in the peg. Cheap! SOLD

Time Traveler

C-7.5. Crack in the white foot. One of them SOLD

Time Traveler

C-7+. Fully sealed but has shelf wear and a hanger rip. SOLD

Time Traveler

C-8+. Shoulder is cracked so it cannot move much. SOLD

Time Traveler

C-8+. Container only. No figure. SOLD

Time Traveler

C-8+. Knees VERY loose SOLD

Unknown #1

C-7+. No accessories and paint wear. SOLD

Unknown #2

C-7+. Has wings and the they work still. SOLD

Unknown #3

C-7+. Has wings and the they work still. SOLD

Inter-Changables: Robots


Missing only a few minor parts, this piece is C-9+ and looks superb. Nothing broken and all the key parts are here. The toy also has instruction,s used sticker sheet and the box still displays. Box has no inserts. Pic. 2, Pic. 3, Pic. 4, , Pic. 4, Pic. 4, Pic. 4SOLD


The uber tough and cool Cosmobot, or as I call him..Cosmopolitan Bot. The box is here, but water damaged and faded. Inside you will find. I'm not sure of he is complete. Everything needed to form the robot is here, except one silver claw which can be taken from Biotron. All plastic pieces are mint and not broken. A few extra pieces and trees. Back tread broke off. Also a cardboard insert inside. Just there to keep box solid. Pic. 2SOLD

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