This a Madine on an ESB Snaggletooth card. Madine is a ROTJ figure, so you can't find him on an ESB card. But this is some sort of test prototype. Perhaps it was used at Toy Fair in '82 or '83.

    There are many interesting things about this example. The biggest thing is that "Captain Madine' is written in black marker across the top of the card. The actual ROTJ release of Madine is under 'General' Madine. The bubble is hand cut on this specimen. It is close to a machine cut bubble but there are minor waves and bumbs along the edges. All the corners are not perfectly round. The 3rd point about this carded figure is that there is writing in marker on the bubble starting at the bottom. It is writtner vertically. I can not make out the first word that starts with an 'E', but the next lines are "11/1" which is a date probably in 1982 and then under that is "C. Madine". The 'C' is for captain.

    The figure itself has a difference tnan the production version. On his collar, there are 3 bars for his rank. But on every production piece Madine has 2 bars.
     This carded figure came from 'The Earth' which is located in Cinncinatti. They got in a whole collection of test carded figures along with the carded Captain Madine. Some other carded figures they had were ROTJ Han in Trenches with trenchcoats without camoflauge. There were at least a dozen other carded figures that had the wrong people on it. Like Squid Head on a Luke Jedi card. They were 2nd series ROTJ figures on 1st series cards.

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