This piece, and the few others like it, are still deabted where they came from. Rumors are that it is from Canada's Ice Planet Hoth playset. But actually the command playset included 3 figures, one of which was a Hoth Snowtrooper. A hoth Snowtrooper has never been found vacumed on card. Click on the General Veers and it will send you to and will give you the full story on these pieces. . So far known is R2-D2 , Luke Hoth , Cloud Car pilot, Ugnaught, Lobot and General Veers (Exact figure as AT-AT Commander).
    The R2 D2 Version states on the card "Periscope" which is pretty nifty. The Ugnaught States "Tusk of Ugnaught". Also some of the Vacum sealed ones have Revenge logo stickers and some do not.

Collection of: Mac Bickmore
Paragraph: Mac Bickmore
Photos: Mac Bickmore

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