Takara Wind-up R2-D2 MOC

View the back of the card.

    The Takara Wind-up R2-D2 was made in Japan in 1978. It was an unliscenesed item at first, but was later liscensed by Kenner. George Lucas liked it so much he gave out loose ones at Lucasfilm to employee's. He wanted Kenner to bring these R2's out in United States, but it never happened. The closes they got was to be released in Canada, but for a extremely short period. At the bottom of the back of the card, there is a sticker that Kenner had put on all the carded R2 wind-ups for liscensing reasons.

    In Japan the wind-ups came new only in baggies that were available in a store in displays of about 30. However, the R2-D2 wind-up did make it to Canada. Only in Canada did the R2-D2 come on card. It might have also come bagged in Canada, but I'm not sure.
    A carded wind-up R2-D2 is very rare. Mint specimens can fetch up to $2,800. Unfortunatly this one is not mint, actually about C-6. In the picture it looks like there is dirt across the picture of R2-D2 walking, but it is actually something that came up in the scanning process.

Other people haven't scanned the back of the card, see it here it is.

Collection of: Mac Bickmore
Paragraph: Mac Bickmore
Photos: Mac Bickmore

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