The first Prototype stage of Zephee?
Scans of Zephee in the last ROTJ toy catalog insert and in the Wokling's baby plush ewok tag.

    This is the unproduced Zephee from Kenner's stuffed Ewoks line. She is 18 inches tall (the regular size is 16 inches for the other Ewoks). I was told this is the hand made one and these usually cost a bundle to make. This is possibly one of a kind piece. This one was used for photography for the catalog and pamphlets. Unlike other ewoks, Zephee had a unqiue function which was that she could hold the Woklings in her back pouch. Was only shown in the catalogs and the Wokling tags.

    Also, if anyone has seen the hardback version of the Tomart's Star Wars Universe Guide you may have noticed a picture of a Wokling in a pouch on the back of a larger Ewok. That pouch is a real Zephee pouch, but the larger Ewok in the picture is one of the regular ones like Wicket. We noticed this and talked ot the Tomarts guys at the Summer Kane County show.

    Zephee is from the "Ewoks" cartoon show. In the show Zephee is married to Lumat. Zephee is the mother of Latara, Nippet, and Wiley. The Ewok warrior Lumat also serves as the tribe's woodcutter.

Collection of: Mac & Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Mac Bickmore

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