Series 1

Mutant Villian

    Variations: The earliest production run of S-S-Slythe was produced with a soft head. You can actually squeeze the head in with your two fingers, or close to it since his head was so wide. The paint applictions are the same though with the regular run.

    A recently found variation is the "Brown Spots" Slythe. This figure we suspect is from a earlier run than the soft head Slythe. This Slythe's head is twice as squeezable than the soft head. The legs are also as soft as his head. The spots on his head and back are in brown, not in black. The spine lever is also molded in this brown color. All paint applications seem to be in different hues.

    Side Notes: S-S-Slythe is one of the best sculpted mutant of the series next to Vultureman.

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