Thundercats had a large variety of novelty items produced around the world. Below is a ever increasing number of these everyday items down to the strange and unique. We are aiming to show a wide range of these items but not a complete guide of what is out there.

Sword Of Omens "Light-Up" Sword

Bank Coin Sorter

Bubble Gun

Cake Topper Figures (4x)

Costume "Lion-O" (Ben Cooper)

Dixie Cups

Eraser Figures MOC

Kite " 50" Thundertank & Thundercats " (Pic. 2)

Kite " 4' Foot Lion-O "

Party Hats

Play Weapons of Panthro Nunchuck's & Mumm-Ra Dagger (Light-Up)

Pencil w/ Mumm-Ra Head

Pencil Sharpener Thundertank

Puzzle 3-D "Mumm-Ra"

Snarf Plush (Stuffed)

Stamper "Monkian" Figurine

Sticker "Panni" Book

Burger King Lunchbox #1

Burger King Lunchbox #2

Burger King Lunchbox #3

Burger King Lunchbox #4

Burger King Cup (Cheetara & Tygra)

Burger King Light Switch Cover

Burger Snarf Straw Holder

Marvel Comic Issue #5

Coloring Book "Mumm-Ra Meets His Match"

Find Your Fate Book "Thundercats and the Ghost Warrior"

Thundercats Advetnure "Lion-O Walks the Plank"

Thundercats Magazine Fall 1987

Thundercats Magazine Winter 1987

Thundercats Magazine Winter 1988

Argentinian Cromy Card Game

Brazilian Carrying Case

UK Activity Book

UK Mini-Comic #1

UK Lion-O Playsuit

South American 20" Cheetara Display

South American 20" Lion-O Display

1997-2001-2005 & In Works!