The last series of 6 regular Action Masters were only produced in various foreign countries. Bombshell is one of three of those Action Masters that was based upon original existing characters. Bombshell comes with his bug partner Needler. Needler can transform into a backpack and helment for Bombshell. See pictures of Bombshell MOSC (Multi) Pic. 1, Pic. 2.



"The mind is my playpen!"

    "A stinging, swaggering pest. Able to turn foes into helpless acommplices by firing cerbro-shells into their heads with his short burst stinger rifle. Transistorized implants give him the ability to control his victims minds. Possesses a cruel sense of humour. Amuses himself by having his victims do his dirty work for him. Needler is armed with front mounted armour crushing pincers and flame-throwing turbo blasters. Combined with Bombshell, a deadly partnership is formed."

Strength 6 , Intelligence 8 , Speed 6 , Endurance 5 , Rank 6 , Courage 5 , Firepower 8 , Skill 10

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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