Double Punch is the Desert Vanguard for the Decepticons! He could tranform from a poseable figure to a Scorpion. The toy also had a feature where he can move his arms up and down with the button in back. Double Punch is believed to be Scorponok, since they look very much alike, and it seems many names were changed and messed up. When looking at Omega Spreem and Omega Supereme, one see's the exact character almost and design. No one is sure, but we have our guesses.



"Double the power means double the destruction!"

    "Forged out of the most hardened metallic substance in Cybertron's remote desert region. Combats computer-driven units in sandstorms with tempratures exceeding 150 Fahrenheit. Has a ferocious temper thats causes him to react violently at anything that crosses his path. Usually aligns with both sides in an argument just to advance his own position in Decepticon ranks. Cunning and cynical, Double Puch can convert into a fearsome, dual clawed robotic scorpion to perform his most diabolial schemes."

Strength 8 , Intelligence 7 , Speed 7 , Endurance 6 , Rank 6 , Courage 9 , Firepower 8 , Skill 9

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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