in the early 90's, a compnay called Antex started producing Transformers for the Argentina market. We are pretty sure that Antex had Hasbro rights to produce them. Antex had also produced many other toy lines including Silverhawks. All of these packages and toys were exactly like the worldwide release toys. Many companies in Brazil and Argentina produced toys with licenses to do so, but never mark or associate the original company. The only other thing that sets these toys apart is there plastic quality. In South America, plastic quality is cut back to make the cheaper to produce. Almost every toyline has a lesser quality to them.
    Only Three Mini-Cars were produced. Windcharger, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper! They each came in two colors, which most of were never produced anywhere else! These car came with their original card art and bio's!
    Also produced by Antex is the Jumpstarters, or called Salt-Man with the terrible translation of Portuguese of "Jump Man". Four different colored Salt-Men were produced. Only three have been accounted four so far. I still have yet to see a Black / White Saltman Z MIB. The Salt-Men were re-issued shortly in Generation 2 packages and now called Robot-Man Z or X. Only three types were produced on this type of card. The yellow / black Robot-Man Z has no been found.
    Not known to many collectors is the Radio AM Robot. It was produced in two colors and by the Commando Toys company. This Company has received rights from Hasbro to produce this unknown Soundwave look alike in 1987!


Orange Bumblebee (Volks)

Red Bumblebee (Volks)

Green Cliffjumper (Carrera)

White Cliffjumper (Carrera)

Blue Windcharger (Camaro)

Yellow Windcharger (Camaro)

Salt-Man X & Salt-Man Z

Salt-Man X (Red & White)

Salt-Man X (Green & White)

Salt-Man Z (Dark Blue & Yellow)

Salt-Man Z (?????????)

Robot-Man X & Robot-Man Z

Robot-Man X (Red & Yellow)

Robot-Man X (Green & White)

Robot-Man Z (Black & White)

Robot-Man Z (Dark Blue? & Yellow?)

Radio AM Robot

Radio AM Robot (Red)

Radio AM Robot (Blue)

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